Purpose Statement

PURPOSE: First Baptist Church exists to help people become disciples (fully-devoted followers) of Christ (Matt. 28:19-20).

MISSION: We will be a church of growing (excited, active, serving, giving) Christians who reproduce themselves within their own oikos and seek to influence the Westside for God (“To present everyone mature in Christ”–Col.1:28).

VISION: “Building today’s changing families on the unchanging foundation of Christ”


Our process will intentionally move people from being a Seeker to being a Reproducer:

Share—either a non-believer or an immature Christian who is not yet connected with a group

Connect—an active participant in a life-group

Minister—has a personal ministry serving others

Disciple—discipling others so they can go out and minister

From Jim Putnam—Real Life Ministries; Church Is a Team Sport


Truthful—Scriptural, with integrity.

Practical—relevant, helpful, applicable.

Enjoyable—loving, fun not boring.


“Come as you are. See what you become.”

“No perfect people allowed.”